Culinary Travel, Made to Order.

Great meals happen everywhere — in the dining room of an acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant, from a food stall in the middle of a busy farmer’s market, or at the hole-in-the-wall local café. At Sauce Culinary Travel, we’re all about searching out the greatest epicurean experiences, no matter where we find them.

Just like a great meal, we create your trip to suit your specific tastes and appetites. We’ve partnered with culinary travel professionals, chefs, winemakers & restauranteurs from around the globe to bring you personalized travel planning to anywhere on the planet.

From our flagship Chef’s Tours, to our small group Long Weekends, and our boutique Custom Foodie Trips, everything we do is tailored just for you. At Sauce, your trip is Made to Order.

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Who We Are

“I believe the way to the heart of a culture, of a people, is through your belly.”

When I was a kid, my mom started a little travel company out of our house. She’s a career educator, and she taught me that the world has so many more lessons to teach than can be found in a lecture hall. Her mission was to take her students out of school and put them into the classroom of the world. 

Throughout my childhood, she took me with her on these trips, and in doing, she showed me that the experience of travel, of living, even for a little while, in another culture, another language, another cuisine than your own, can profoundly change your life.

My passion for travel, food & wine, and restaurants has become my life’s work. Over the last two decades, I’ve spent my career in fine dining. I’ve traveled the world as a food & spirits writer. With my mom, I’ve planned and led food & wine trips for James Beard Award-winning chefs, and for foodies just like you.

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My name is Adam Boles, and I’m a cook, a writer, a connoisseur, and an explorer. I believe the way to the heart of a culture, of a people, is through your belly. I started Sauce Culinary Travel to share with you my devotion to great food, hospitality, and transformative travel experiences. With my partner and favorite person, Cecily Sailer, we’re thrilled to bring you our experience & expertise to plan your next culinary travel adventure.

Adam Boles | Proprietor

Sauce Culinary Travel