Host Your Own Chef’s Tour

Take a second, Chef, and answer this question: Where in the world have you always wanted to go to eat and drink very well?

I know, I know. You’re married to your restaurant. You’ll never have time for a trip like that. That’s where we come in.

Our mission at Sauce Culinary Travel is to help you, Chef, build your business & brand, connect with your guests in a unique way, and give you an incredible travel experience that will inspire you, and reignite your passion for food, wine, and culinary creativity.


What Are Chef’s Tours?

Chef’s Tours by Sauce Culinary Travel are fully escorted, custom designed small group trips hosted by chefs or other industry professionals. We create the trip of your dreams, and then, through a collaborative marketing strategy, we offer the trip to your guests and clientele. In exchange, you and a guest get to enjoy your trip with our compliments.*


We Know You’re Super Busy.

That’s why we want to make this endeavor a total breeze for you. With your trip, we want to give you a product that is both a relaxing getaway from the kitchen, and helps to add value and prestige to your guests’ already incredible experience.

Once we’ve settled on an itinerary, we will collaborate with you and your staff to distribute all the agreed upon marketing for your trip, deploying it through both your PR infrastructure and ours. Once the trip is filled and ready to go, the only thing left for you is to get on a plane and enjoy this trip designed especially with you in mind. Leave all the details to us.


Not a Chef? Not a Problem.

Chef’s Tours aren’t limited to chefs. Anyone with a foot in the world of food, wine, and spirits could be a perfect fit to host a Chef’s Tour. We work with all kinds of industry pros — sommeliers, winemakers, restauranteurs, bloggers & journalists, brewers, and distillers — to create unforgettable culinary travel experiences.

If you have an audience of loyal devotees interested in discovering what our epicurean planet has to offer, then we’d love to hear from you about hosting your own custom designed Chef’s Tour.


Let’s Get Going.

Drop us a line, and we’ll start designing the perfect trip for you.


*At minimum, our Chef Hosts get to enjoy their trip at no cost. Other compensatory offers are also available. We’ll talk about this part when designing your trip.